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Do you need user support, training or a dedicated resource that ensures optimal utilization of your solution? We offer packages and services to help you achieve success!

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Support and relevant knowledge are easily available via our customer portal ServiceNow 24/7. As a customer, you get your own login to the portal, and only need a username and password to log in. Here can you report cases and get help.

In the portal, you will also find user documentation, product notes, knowledge documents, and videos, which can be of great help in everyday life. All support starts with ServiceNow!

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Customer Service are here to help you!

We have knowledgeable and committed employees at our customer center. We help you so that you can use our products and services in the best possible way. The customer center works closely with a global network of product specialists who can support us when needed, and we also work closely with the research and development department in eye-share, if more complex issues should arise. We offer user support and product assistance in both Norwegian and English.

Phone +47 480 19 750

Solution Service Manager

Additional service for an optimal start to the customer relationship
Get a good start and an equally good continuation of your customer relationship with us. Make a smart investment to ensure optimal utilization of your solution with one of our relationship-based services. It can be smart to use a Solution Service Manager when you need assistance in following up and prioritizing cases. Then you get a dedicated contact person who will be able to give you an overview and assist with operational status.

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Customer Success Manager

Relationship-based service for optimal customer success
With a Customer Success Manager (CMS), which is one of our relationship-based additional services, you get a dedicated resource that gets to know and understand your business, and what it takes to achieve maximum success with your solution. The CMS follows you closely throughout the customer journey, from start-up to management, and ensures that you implement a good strategy and plan for the collaboration.

This is how we take total responsibility and build a strong and good relationship with you as a customer!

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Training and certifications

We can offer various training services for your business, either digitally or physically in your office premises. Our experts have extensive experience and in-depth product knowledge that will benefit you.

We can also offer digital certification tests for you who want to have your product knowledge documented in our market-leading software. An eye-share SuperUser certification is a seal of quality and a testament to your expertise.

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Consulting Services

Our skilled advisor team can help you through your digital automation journey from A to Z. We can assist with everything from mapping efficiency opportunities, both related to use and system technical setup, to further development of functionality, choice of modules, training packages, and assistance with reports and analysis.

Your new solution will support the needs of your business and help to further develop these. We are here to help you get the most out of your eye-share solution.

Read more about eye-share Advisor here.

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Data Capture Services

Additional service to eye-share Capture
Through our service eye-share Capture Services, you will get access to resources with core competence in data capture and interpretation. Our skilled advisors can help you optimize the digitization processes and ensure optimal utilization of your solution for improved quality at a low cost. Feel free to outsource this part of the job to us, so you can spend your time on more important tasks.

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