Step into the world of invoice automation powered by AI!

An automated process puts an end to manual and repetitive tasks and ensures that the finance/accounting department can work both faster and safer. With an automated invoicing process, all supplier invoices are paid on time in a smooth and efficient way, while you have full overview and cost control.

Smart AI technology is central to drive a touchless process with minimal human effort. With eye-share Workflow you can achieve 90% invoice automation, but it`s your choice how much automation you want. You can easily turn the AI help, on or off.

Key functionality

eye-share Workflow gives you a transparent, controlled and automated AP process, in a intuitive user interface. The solution is suitable for companies in all industries that receive a large volume of supplier invoices annually.

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Touchless invoice processing

Automate coding, matching and approval of incoming invoices and other cost documents.

Digital workflows

Optimize documents and transactions using one of the most advanced digital workflow solutions on the market.

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Intelligent automation

Automated workflow and transactions using smart AI technology. Let eye-share do the work for you! Automagic.

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Modern user experience

Modern user interface that is flexible, intuitive and easy to use.

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Secure cloud solution

Secure and sustainable cloud solution that provides flexibility, accessibility and scalability.

This is how it works!

Save time and resources with an intelligent solution that automates the entire invoicing process. This is how touchless AP invoice processing works.

Receive invoice

Delivery of eInvoice to portal provides full automation. PDFs are interpreted automatically.

Invoice flow

The solution finds out who is to approve which invoices.

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Invoice approval

The solution finds out who is to process which invoice.

Bookkeeping / Payment

Once the invoice is approved, it is automatically transferred to your ERP system for bookkeeping and payment.


Reports provide you the insight you need to spot trends and bottlenecks, evaluate and reach your KPI goals.

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