Get control of your contracts!

If you forget to meet deadlines and agree on terms with your business partners, there is a great risk that unnecessary costs and a bad working relationship will arise. With eye-share Workflow Contract, you do not have to think about this.

Get started with a simple, digital agreement archive. Forget folder structure and document chaos. Get full control and overview of all your agreements and related documents, expiration dates, and who is responsible for what. Shrug your shoulders! The solution automatically sends you reminders and checks and matches invoices against the agreement.

Key functionality in eye-share Workflow | Contract

Handling agreements and contracts are an important part of the administrative work in any business. It can be both time-consuming and challenging to look for documents and follow up. By digitizing contract management, your business can save time and costs.

Everything in one place

All agreements and related attachments digitized – and gathered in one system, which is easily accessible to the entire organization.


Easy administration of users with access control based on agreement type.

Search and find

Easy retrieval of appointments and documents with an advanced search engine.


Ensures contractual loyalty with control of critical expiration dates. Receive alerts and reminders directly in your inbox.

Invoice Match

Automatic matching of invoice against a contract.

Investing in a digital contract archive will be very value-adding for your core business.

Get started!

Connect agreements to invoices

The contract module is an additional module that links to the invoice module in eye-share Workflow. When you use this, suppliers and users are already created in the same way as certification rules, roles, and coding suggestions. Your agreements are read in electronic format and supplemented with relevant information.

Since the contract module is based on the same user interface, you have access to the same functionality across the modules. It is easy to check both orders against contract-based purchases and to match an invoice against a contract when everything happens in the same solution.

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Link agreements to purchases

Once you have both the invoice and the contract module in place, it is easy to connect these with the purchasing module in eye-share Workflow, to cover the entire process from Purchase-to-Pay.

With the purchasing module, you make more profitable purchases, strengthen the relationship with your suppliers, and speed up the purchasing process. It is easy to check your orders against contract-based purchases.

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