Work smarter. Think ahead!

For over 20 years, eye-share has helped all types of companies modernize their financial processes. Through continuous customer-driven development, we have built expertise about customers in various industries and their needs.
Through the development of intelligent, user-friendly, and sustainable software, we transform manual processes into automated workflows. Our software strengthens your business and simplifies the daily tasks of both buyers, accounting staff, and CFOs in all types of companies and industries.

Your business can focus on achieving improvements, profitability, and growth instead. We help you in the future. Our ambition is to enable yours!

Sticking to manual processes is like going backwards!

Get started with automation!

Great customer engagement

Our goal is to develop the world’s best software and create great customer experiences to make your everyday work life easier and drive value to make you achieve your growth goals. At Eye-share, we work hard to be a professional partner that delivers quality at all levels. Without job satisfaction, humor, a winning instinct, and clear goals, it would not have been possible.

Our growth over the last 20 years is based on the desire to be a winner, and to make you as a customer feel confident that “we give everything” in our cooperation with you. We are known for enthusiasm and high customer commitment, where pride and humility go hand in hand with flair and innovation.


Amazing Product Suite

We will develop and deliver intelligent, user-friendly and efficient solutions with a WOW factor!

Happy Customers

We will excite our customers with quality, good dialogue and simplification at all levels. Our knowledge must be shared, and good customer experiences must be created.

Awesome place to work

We will be an attractive employer in IT & Finance with a focus on diversity, development and job satisfaction. Our employees will help to establish a foothold in the software industry.

Sustainable Growth

We will focus on sustainable development and growth of the company – and make it clear through our strategy that climate, environment, human dignity, diversity and gender equality must be taken seriously.

Core values

Our core values are well rooted in our daily work and provide direction to everything we do!

We must recognize all people as equal and accept each individual for who they are. Mutual respect motivates, inspires and engages.

Results are created when working together. Through collaboration, we become stronger, both internally and in customer relationships. “Better together”

We have a passion for our job. It generates energy, enthusiasm and motivation – and has a big impact on everything we do and the people around us.

We must build an innovative culture with a focus on continuous improvement. We must embrace change, be creative and think “outside the box”.