How it works!

eye-share Portal is a perfect solution for companies that have limited or no possibility to communicate B2B electronically! The Portal connects the buyer’s business systems with the supplier’s business systems, enabling both parties to use the data to automate processes and systems in their own organizations. With eye-share Portal, you will get two solutions in one: automation of purchase orders and automation of invoices, done easily!


Submit PO’s and receive order confirmations in your Purchasing system. Receive eInvoice instead of Paper or PDFs, and save processing time. Receive invoices faster and more accurately as no OCR interpretation is needed. Let the suppliers check the status online instead of contacting you via phone or email.

eye-share Portal

The Portal connects with the Buyers system and enables the buyer and supplier to communicate easily with each other. This will lead to a faster process for both parties and ultimately lead to quicker interaction leading to faster payments!


Receive PO’s and submit order confirmation. Submit invoices and check the status anytime 24/7.

Discover the benefits

  • Achieve touchless digital interaction between your company and your suppliers with electronic exchange of business transactions
  • Achieve a more structured and digitized transaction flow
  • Easy onboarding and mass utilization

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