Available modules in eye-share Portal

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Invoice Entry

Streamlines invoice capturing by allowing suppliers to upload invoices directly, which are then converted to eInvoices for seamless AP integration.

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External Invoice Access

Give external users access to invoice information directly from eye-share Workflow using eye-share Portal.

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Request for Quote

Simplifies the quotation process, enabling efficient supplier communication.

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eOrder Handling

Facilitates handling of electronic purchase orders and order confirmations, enhancing the procurement process.

Key Benefits

The eye-share Portal transforms the interaction between businesses and their suppliers by providing a cloud-based platform that seamlessly connects buyer and supplier systems. This integration allows for the automation of critical processes improving operational efficiency for both parties.

Streamlined operations

With features like automated supplier profile creation and centralized invoice oversight, eye-share Portal ensures efficient management of transactional activities, from order confirmation to invoice submission.

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User-friendly interface

Designed with ease of use in mind, eye-share Portal provides a streamlined and easy navigation experience for suppliers.

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Cost savings

Automation and improved accuracy can lead to substantial cost savings. By minimizing manual input and errors, our customers can reduce overhead costs associated with invoice processing and order management.

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Compliance and security

eye-share Portal ensures that invoice and order transactions can comply with regulatory standards, reducing the risk of compliance issues. Additionally, the platform’s secure environment protects sensitive information, providing peace of mind for both buyers and suppliers.


As a SaaS application, eye-share Portal offers flexibility and accessibility, allowing businesses and suppliers to leverage its features from anywhere, fostering a more connected and efficient supply chain ecosystem.

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