Complete automation from Purchase-to-Pay!

Purchase-to-Pay is about increasing the profitability of the business by managing consumption and cash flow in one optimized process. eye-share Workflow consists of a number of modules that can be assembled and scaled as needed, to cover this entire process.

Say hello to the future!

Our software will simplify and streamline your financial processes to achieve the most automated process possible from Purchase-to-Pay. The technology platform is built on XAI “Explainable Artificial Intelligence” and we have chosen to use this strategy to meet our customers’ needs, where artificial intelligence and user interfaces solve problems intuitive for the user.

Do you want to know more about XAI? Read the entire blog post by Kai Mydland, director of our research and development in eye-share.

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Who is our software suitable for?

Our solutions scale to companies of all sizes, but our experience shows that the fastest ROI is achieved where the invoice volume exceeds 20 000 documents annually.

The software is perfect for companies and departments that work with purchasing, accounting, and finance. We have satisfied customers in various industries, all over the world.

Common to our customers is that they want to modernize their internal processes to create increased value and competitive advantage, in a time of ever-increasing need for all-digital solutions.

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