Brilliant data interpreter!

Integrate our intelligent data capture technology and have an automated and digital process for identifying and retrieving accurate information from all your documents. With smart AI technology, the solution recognizes, adapts, and improves, based on user corrections. With the right solution, you will easily get rid of manual and time-consuming tasks and get a very accurate and automated process.

Save time and let eye-share Capture do the work for you!

Key functionality

We provide AI-powered data capture software and OCR solution to help your company with all kinds of document automation. Our solution automatically extracts information and captures data from documents through a highly accurate and automated process.

Document digitalization

Extracts data from any kind of document type and understands any language

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Intelligent automation

Uses smart AI technology to extract insights and patterns of data to ensure accurate results

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Modern user experience

Touchless data capture software that’s flexible, easy to use and self learning

Many benefits with digitalization

  • Increase data quality with a fully digital solution
  • Achieve a faster process – work smarter and save time
  • Get paperless and streamlined
  • Improve accuracy. Reduce the number of errors
  • Increase insight and gain full control
  • Get access to advanced reporting capabilities
  • Gain insight into better decisions

Extracting data has never been easier!

This solution acts as a gateway to help you digitize and process all your documents automatically. Fast document automation, scanning, capture, and interpretation in one user-friendly solution! You can achieve data extraction from a wide range of documents and from any kind of file format. This solution is perfect for high volume documents, and the most common is invoices and receipts, but also documents like requisitions, contracts, sales orders, and more complex industry specific documents.

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Cloud based and secure

Utilize a modern OCR tool without any local installations. The solution is accessed in the cloud through a browser, and are hosted securely by eye-share

Easy set up

The solution is easy to configure and the self-learning ability enables accurate data extraction from an unlimited number of receipt designs in a variety of languages

Seamless integration

The solution is easy to integrate into any workflow software or ERP system

Receive from any channel

Receive documents from preferred channels and streamline your document communication in one single feed of transactions


Get all the insights you need to optimize your processes and achieve your KPI goals

Smart features in eye-share Capture

Humans and AI work faster and better together! Let the smart AI assistant work 24/7 to simplify your next workday!

Hit ratio

The solution has an out-of-the-box hit ratio of 85%. With learning and optimization, the hit ratio could reach 100% for most documents

Auto verify

Documents with 100% hit ratio needs no manual verification and can be sent and processed automatically

Line and header extraction

The solutions offer automatic identification and interpretation of item lines from invoices

Intelligent recognition

The solution builds on one of the best OCR engines in the market, providing intelligent recognition with advanced capabilities for continuous improvements

Split & Splice

Easy split and combine documents for processing using the built-in document editor

Quick return on investment

We help you structure the data. Simple and seamless. By processing your most common accounting documents automatically, the efficiency of the invoice processing process is also significantly increased. With our solution, you add value to the business processes and reduce costs, leaving you with a quick return on investment.



Use your resources more efficiently – or outsource the entire job to us!

Additional service
Through our service, eye-share Capture Services, you get access to resources with core competence in data capture. Our skilled advisors can help you optimize the digitization processes and ensure optimal utilization of your solution for improved quality at a low cost. Feel free to outsource this part of the job to us, so you can spend your time on more important tasks.

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Perfect match for invoice processing

The data capture solution works perfectly together with our automated invoice processing solution. In fact, as many as 90% of our customers use both solutions for maximum automation effect. Get your entire process covered – from data capture and interpretation of your incoming invoices to invoice receipt, as well as registration and processing – all in one automated process!


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