Moreld flux Case study

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We save a full-time position through the use of eye-share Workflow for automated invoice processing!

Moreld Flux, a leading provider of products and services in the oil and gas industry, has successfully streamlined its invoice management process through the implementation of eye-share Workflow. By utilizing the cloud-based invoice module, Moreld Flux has not only avoided server costs, backup routines, and time-consuming upgrades but also ensured access to the latest software version with automatic improvements and quick upgrades. With eye-share taking care of backup and server maintenance, the company can focus on its core operations.

Jan Ove Grasdal, Group Controller at Moreld Flux, highlights the seamless integration of eye-share Workflow, stating, “We haven’t even thought about it. It just works in the background.” The implementation of the cloud-based solution was swift and efficient, taking just over a week’s work. In comparison, previous projects took two to three months from inception to completion. Grasdal further adds, “The implementation went quickly and smoothly, and much was in place in the first month. We went live early and built on it. We are now in the process of moving to a private cloud so that we can make our own special adaptations.”

By leveraging eye-share Workflow, Moreld Flux has achieved significant time and resource savings. Grasdal emphasizes the impact of the solution, stating, “With eye-share, we save work equivalent to a full-time position – and we will probably save even more over time as we grow and become better at using the eye-share software.”

Saves a full-time position

As a company that has expanded through various acquisitions within niche markets, Moreld Flux experienced a surge in invoice volumes after a recent acquisition. Manually handling this influx became untenable, necessitating the acquisition of an invoice management system. Grasdal explains, “We suddenly received a huge amount of invoices and found it impossible to handle manually. With eye-share, we save enough work equivalent to a full-time position – and we will probably save even more over time as we grow and become better at using eye-share.”

Currently, Moreld Flux has a license for 7,500 invoices, a number that is expected to increase as the company continues to expand. All 60 employees within the organization are users of eye-share Workflow, underscoring its widespread adoption and effectiveness.

Simple training

The invoicing process at Moreld Flux begins with invoices sent directly to a dedicated email address. These invoices are then automatically forwarded to eye-share Capture, where they are interpreted before being processed by the relevant purchaser. In cases where there is a match, the invoice is seamlessly sent to accounting for further processing. Grasdal notes the time-saving benefits, stating, “It saves us a lot of time. The best thing is to receive invoices in EHF format. Then the invoice goes straight to eye-share Workflow without having to visit the interpreter in eye-share Capture.”

Training new employees on the system has proven to be straightforward and hassle-free. Grasdal explains, “For approvers, it’s mostly just a click of a thumb. For master users, there is a bit more to learn, but it goes relatively well.”

With eye-share Workflow’s automated invoice processing capabilities, Moreld Flux has optimized its operations, saving valuable time and resources. The company continues to explore opportunities for further customization and enhancements as it transitions to a private cloud environment. Eye-share Workflow has proven to be an indispensable tool for Moreld Flux, empowering them to focus on their core business while effectively managing their invoicing process.

Moreld flux is a supplier in the energy industry, and Moreld today consists of Valvision, Norwegian Piping, Active Service and Analytic. Through acquisitions and organic development, Moreld has established itself in selected niche markets, and the company today offers valves, hoses and couplings, as well as measurement and analysis adapted to the industry. The company is located in Norway, Italy, Great Britain and South Korea, and has a close collaboration with several recognized international manufacturers.