NorgesGruppen Case Study

Norgesgruppen - illustasjon av by med butikk

90% automated invoice flow excites 6,000 merchants in NorgesGruppen.
eye-share Workflow is Intuitive, easy and user-friendly!

– Over 90% of all incoming invoices in NorgesGruppen go directly into the approval flow with completed coding, without the accounting department being involved.

It is intuitive, simple and user-friendly, says a very satisfied Merete Løkse, who is Service Manager at NorgesGruppen. The solution excites over 6,000 merchants in the group and they give a “thumbs up” for the simplicity of approving an invoice in eye-share Workflow.

Large volume of supplier invoices

NorgesGruppen consists of 1,200 companies and 1,800 stores. The group has a huge volume of incoming invoices, up to 4.5 million a year. In NorgesGruppen, we demand efficiency and work continuously with improvements, says Merete Løkse. The invoice flow system should be a support tool that should work. The goal is as little manual work as possible, as much automation as possible. The invoices should only flow through the system, Løkse points out.

We made a good choice and have no regrets!
For NorgesGruppen, eye-share is the third invoice flow system that they use. It’s a bit like building a house, it gets better every time, says Løkse. You have more experience, you know what you want and make completely different demands. For NorgesGruppen, it was very important that the new system and supplier could handle a demanding customer like us, says Løkse. Eye-share impressed us by quality assuring the solution against our volume to ensure satisfactory response times. It created extra security. In addition, the system contains much of what we have wanted in terms of functionality over the years, she says.

Thumbs up for 90% automatic flow
NorgesGruppen has 6,700 different users. Everything from very young to older Merchants. Everyone with different computer skills, therefore, it has been important to us that the solution is easy to use, says Løkse. The roll-out of eye-share to end-users has exceeded all expectations and the feedback from users is very positive.

The invoices are already coded when they are sent out for approval, either automatically or with a coding suggestion. Over 90% go out to approve automatic flow, without the accounting departments having to do anything. It does not get easier. Even when the Merchants are on the go, it is efficient and easy to approve invoices with the mobile client.

Article match, coding templates, invoice agreements, approval templates are functionalities used by NorgesGruppen to utilize the degree of automation to the maximum. 

How to achieve even more automation?
With better data from suppliers through the use of electronic invoices, and even a little more intelligence in eye-share, one can perhaps automate the processes a few percent more. But there will always be some invoices that must be processed manually for various reasons, Løkse believes.

The future can be magical!
NorgesGruppen has considerable knowledge of invoice flow and is currently influencing future product development through its position on Eye-share’s customer council. Technology gives us many opportunities for efficiency and improvement, and advanced algorithms and machine learning are central to this work, both for NorgesGruppen and for Eye-share.

Going forward, we want even more artificial intelligence – simply more magic! When the system itself detects errors and deficiencies that do not fit into the trend, and informs us of this, then we are approaching the magical goal, says an enthusiastic Merete Løkse in NorgesGruppen.

Recipe for success
NorgesGruppen has given its super users time to work with invoice flow, improvements and not least time to “tune” the processes after the project was completed. It is important for success.

Choice of supplier
We experience Eye-share AS as a professional and flexible partner with a clear direction for further development of the product that meets our goals. As a partner, Eye-share has been good at giving us the right expectations in relation to our needs, and has been very responsive to our wishes. Eye-share has many professionally skilled employees with whom we work very well. There has been a good vibe throughout the project and under management. Eye-share is solution-oriented, keeps the driving force and wants us to succeed together. They have shown us that they have both the will and the ability to get the best solutions. We made a good choice, and have not regretted, concludes a smiling Merete Løkse.