Part 2: Automated coding in eye-share Workflow – action rules



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In part 2 of our online meeting about automated coding in eye-share Workflow, we take a closer look at action rules and follow-ups for better control.

It is possible to perform follow-up checks in eye-share even if you automate as much as possible. Action rules provide the opportunity to define various actions during the approval flow, for example an extra check on the invoices that have comments, or perhaps a mark on all invoices that have been executed on a specific project. In this part 2 about automated coding we will tell you briefly about the opportunities for action rules for better control.

Stay curious and up to date! We hope to see you here!

This online meeting is part two of two, that focus on the topic automated coding. .

Language english. Duration 30 minutes

Target group
The online meeting is useful for both new and existing users.

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