Find the gold in your data!

Understanding, interpreting, and analyzing available business data is becoming increasingly important to ensure up-to-date operational key figures and a better decision-making basis for the business. With eye-share Workflow Reports, you get an advanced analysis tool that combines data from different sources, automates updating of the data, and gives you visualizations and business intelligence (BI) functionality with a simple user interface.

Use numbers and facts to substantiate decisions, rather than gut feelings – and find the gold in your data.

Key functionality in eye-share Workflow | Report

Four puzzle pieces connected together

Data sources

We use Power BI from Microsoft to connect you to the data sources in eye-share to visualize what is important to you.


Data visualization makes your job easier, more engaging, and understandable. Get a user-friendly presentation of your data.


A dashboard gives you access to advanced analysis options. It is easy to retrieve reports. Save time and resources.

Strategic insight

Get updated key figures in real time. Discover patterns, trends and deviations. Make better decisions based on strategic insight!

Intelligent decisions

With data, analysis and AI that automates, supports, and enhances the decision-making process, you get a new source of increased business value!

Solution based on Microsoft Power BI

eye-share Workflow Reports is based on Power BI, Microsoft’s analysis and visualization tool. This means that eye-share’s dashboard gives you the same functionality as Power BI with the ability to create comprehensive, interactive reports with visual analysis available in the module. This is automatically linked to data from your accounting system or other relevant sources and is updated with a click.

A user-friendly dashboard gives you insight in real time!

In the Report module, you will find a number of standard reports that give you quick access to the details you need. Here you will find, for example, an overview of how many invoices are handled in the system and what status they currently have. It is easy to produce important key figures such as processing time per approver, share of e-invoice, or amount of invoices available for payment in a certain time interval. It is easy to get an insight into any bottlenecks and potential savings.

Become a data driven business!

Automation creates efficiency
Automation gives you increased capacity and time to focus on strategic development areas that create value for the company.

You will become a more profitable business
When a person gets the right information at the right time, you reduce the chances of making the wrong decisions. That’s profitable!

You will increase your competitiveness
Businesses that base their decisions on data, and use insights and analytics to improve processes, innovate and modernize, will be the winners of the future.

Use numbers and facts to support your decisions!