From Coding to Sales

Martin Ulland and Mats Danielsen sitting behind a table with a laptop.

Eye-share recently introduced an internal internship program across departments for its employees.

The program allows employees to work in a different department or team over a 3-month period, gaining entirely new experiences. Through this initiative, employees have the opportunity to gain insights into various part of the the organization, thereby broadening their expertise, which can be beneficial in any role.

From Technical Consultant to Sales Manager

It all began when Martin Ulland, a technical consultant, was approached by the Sales Manager at Eye-share, asking if he would be interested in an internship in the sales team for the next 90 days. Given Martin’s above-average curiosity and eagerness to learn, the answer was straightforward. He temporarily set aside his coding world to immerse himself full-time in the world of a salesperson, including product presentations, customer conversations, proposals, and bids.

As a technical consultant, Martin worked on the “blueprints” and architecture behind our solution. He was involved in understanding how the eye-share software is technically structured. Essentially, a role where one looks under he hood of the solution, identifies weaknesses and areas for improvement, and then restructures and develops. Also referred to as “further development” and “debugging” in technical terms, Martin explains.

Understanding the Customers Needs

However, in his new role as a Sales Manager intern, Martin quickly realized he had limited knowledge about the philosophy behind the product. Knowing the technical details doesn’t help much when the question is; why does the customer need what we offer?

For Martin and his technical team, who have focused on programming and learning new technology in recent years, it’s not always evident that they understand the customers and the challenges they face.

Getting the opportunity to shadow the sales team, therefore, opens up a new world of knowledge. One learns about target audiences, their needs and challenges, how their processes work, and most importantly, the value the eye-share solution provides them.

Stay tuned for Martin’s Progress

At the time of writing, Martin is just a few weeks into his internship experience and has already participated in many exciting activities. He is eagerly looking forward to an exciting autumn alongside his mentor, Mats Danielsen.

Once the internship period is over, we’ll catch up with Martin to hear about his experience and what he has learned. Stay tuned!