Bertel O. Steen Case Study

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Invoice automation saves time and provides increased cost control at the Bertel O. Steen group!

“Invoice automation saves time and provides increased cost control at the Bertel O. Steen group!” declares Ingunn Amundsen, Director of the Competence Center Payroll and Accounting at Bertel O. Steen AS.

At Bertel O. Steen, our primary focus is on streamlining processes and eliminating manual tasks that hinder optimal performance. By implementing automated invoice processing, we have positioned ourselves for the future while saving significant time and gaining better insights into cost management within the group.

Significant time savings from the outset

The introduction of eye-share Workflow has revolutionized our invoice management system, replacing an outdated system and simplifying our day-to-day operations. When selecting eye-share Workflow, usability and reporting functionality played crucial roles in our decision-making process. With approximately 370,000 supplier invoices handled annually and 1,880 users, these factors were instrumental in our choice.

Enhanced user experience and effortless approval

Having a system that works seamlessly for everyone is paramount, and eye-share Workflow proves to be simple, intuitive, and easy to learn, resulting in time savings for all users. The process of posting and approving invoices is straightforward and easily comprehensible. This advantage is particularly significant for Bertel O. Steen, given our large volume of invoices and diverse user base comprising 1,880 individuals in various functions and roles. Furthermore, the ability to check and approve invoices on the go using mobile devices is highly valued in our fast-paced work environment.

Intuitive user experience and effortless approval

A system that caters to everyone’s needs is crucial, and eye-share Workflow excels in simplicity, intuitiveness, and ease of learning—saving time for all users. The process of posting and approving invoices is readily understandable, providing Bertel O. Steen, with its diverse functions and roles, a valuable advantage. Additionally, the capability to review and approve invoices seamlessly while on the move using mobile devices is highly appreciated in our busy workdays.

Enhanced control

Most importantly, eye-share Workflow has empowered us with greater control. We are extremely satisfied with the results provided by this powerful tool, both in terms of automated invoice flow for all our group companies and the invaluable time freed up for other important tasks.

Outstanding collaboration

Throughout the entire process, Bertel O. Steen has collaborated closely with Eye-share. From the outset, Eye-share’s project management played a pivotal role. Our employees, have together with the project manager at Eye-share, displayed remarkable skill in authorizations’ rebuilding and the implementation process progressed effortlessly. All inputs and suggestions were focused on future improvements and ongoing product development within Eye-share. Regular status meetings ensured effective communication, and the project manager exhibited a profound understanding of our requirements and work processes at Bertel O. Steen. We received exceptional support and experienced outstanding teamwork.

By embracing invoice automation with eye-share Workflow, Bertel O. Steen has not only saved time but also gained better control over our processes. This collaboration between our organization and Eye-share has been marked by excellence, ensuring seamless implementation and ongoing product development.