South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority

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– Early in the procurement process, we saw that eye-share Workflow was the right product for us, says Olav Tennøy who is Regional system manager for ERP in the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.

Norway’s largest healthcare company automates the finance function with intelligent software!

Digitization, process improvement and sustainable technological solutions are key tools for achieving a healthcare system that is equipped for the future. They have used intelligent software from Eye-share to remove manual accounting tasks through smart automation. The goal is to achieve major time and cost savings in the finance function.

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority is Norway’s largest health-care system and consists of 11 different companies. With around 1 million incoming invoices annually and over 6,000 users, the company had a great need to automate its invoicing processes. Just over a year ago, Eye-share won the contract on important criteria such as; efficiency, security and ease of use.

Time and efficiency are very important to us – and digitization and continuous improvement, says Olav Tennøy who is Regional system manager for ERP in South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.

eye-share Workflow has been very well received, both by users and managers in all health trusts. It is a modern, intuitive and simple solution to deal with, and the automation is very good. Everyone sees that they save a lot of time in everyday life, and that is important, says Tennøy satisfied.

Focus on making the complex simple

The understanding of our complex handling of project and approval flows was very important to ensure that the solution was as automated as possible, Tennøy explains, and adds that the dialogue with Eye-share has been very good, right from the start. Both in the actual implementation project and in the transfer to the administration, Eye-share has assisted with highly skilled advisers and partners. There have been useful discussions, effective reviews and a good understanding of our needs, Tennøy explains.

In the project and especially when handed over to the administration, we used several “live” dialogue meetings, where our users had the opportunity to actively get involved. The user involvement was very well received, and is an important success factor in the start-up phase of such a project, says Tennøy.

Cloud based solution

eye-share Workflow is the first “clean” cloud solution that the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority uses and the company is very concerned about high security. Here, Eye-share even got Microsoft Azure to make changes to meet our need to increase security, says Tennøy satisfied, and adds that it has been an exciting and educational process for both parties. With eye-share Workflow in the cloud, it means both greater flexibility, lower costs and increased security for all the Health Trusts.

Continuous improvement

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority wanted a standardized solution, but also saw that with 11 different health trusts, there were many different needs that had to be met. Therefore, we have had to make some adjustments along the way anyway, says Tennøy

We have started using eye-share Workflow – and know that it will be a continuous process to increase the degree of automation further. Eye-share is a professional and knowledgeable partner for us in this process, and we are very pleased with our new solution, Tennøy concludes.