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We needed a modern and flexible solution that could be adapted to rapid growth. That`s what we got!

– We needed a user-friendly AP automation solution which could be suitable for our quick growth and which could go “live” in a very short period of time. With eye-share Workflow, delivered by a solution-oriented team, this is exactly what we got, says Kjersti Hovdal, SVP Accounting and Controlling at OKEA.

Flexible solution for growth

In order to transform the company from an E&P start-up to a larger established oil producer, it was very important for us to find a flexible AP solution that could grow with our needs. The solution had to be able to be integrated with our existing Finance and Purchasing system, and it had to be implemented quickly, so that we could pay our invoices on time, says Kjersti Hovdal in OKEA.

90 % automated invoice flow and smooth integration

The choice fell on eye-share Workflow with smooth integration to both the finance and purchasing system. OKEA handles over 60,000 incoming invoices annually. The invoicing process itself starts with an order (PO) in the purchasing system. When the goods are delivered, OKEA receives service receipt in the system. Then they get an invoice with the possibility of a pre-matching. The order number on the invoice will then match the order in the purchasing system and eye-share Workflow will be automatically updated with how much of the order has been received. Upon match, the invoice is automatically approved, which means that OKEA only needs to manually process the invoices that have deviations. As a company, they prefer invoices in EHF format as these automatically enter the eye-share Workflow.

Authorization matrix provides control and security
Kjersti Hovdal points out that functionality for control against OKEA`s authorization matrix in the solution is very important. This means that the invoice is sent to the correct recipient for approval, based on amount limits, and ensures security and quality assurance of regulations in a busy workday.

Quick implementation
eye-share Workflow has managed to support our processes in connection with the transformation of the company. We were greeted by a very solution-oriented delivery team that got us up and running within two months.

Great efficiency gain
We now have a comprehensive ERP system that digitizes, automates and streamlines our internal processes, so that we can concentrate on our strategy for further growth, concludes a satisfied customer.