Eye-share appoints Ms Lim Siang Yong as Acting Regional Manager at our Singapore Office!

Picture of Ms Siang Yong, our new and dynamic Acting Regional Manager, jere delivering an engaging speech about AP and P2P automation, at an Eye-share customer event in Singapore.

Eye-share is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Lim Siang Yong as Acting Regional Manager at the Singapore office from January 1st 2024.

From Customer to Partner, now leading our Singapore Office

Ms Lim Siang Yong started her journey with Eye-share in 2022 as a Project Manager and Advisor, showcasing exceptional product, process and customer knowledge, as well as leadership skills, and dedication. She has an exciting journey, where she initially worked with Eye-share from the customer side, then transitioned to be a valued partner, and now a highly respected employee in Eye-share.

With 14 years of experience in Purchasing, Accounting, and Reporting software, Siang Yong too, has a strong background in shipping industry and logistics. Her extensive experience working with customers in Asia for many years, has provided her with valuable insights that will undoubtedly contribute to her success also in the software business.

Passionate Vision: Serving Customers, Building Teams, Driving Growth

Now, as the Acting Regional Manager for the Singapore office, Ms Lim Siang Yong is committed to building a highly capable and dynamic team that can seamlessly support all customers in Asia, while contributing to the overall growth of Eye-share.

Her passion for delivering optimal outcomes for customers is evident in her commitment to continuous improvement. She is dedicated to pushing herself and her team to excel in both product knowledge and soft skills. Her leadership style emphasizes clear goals, trust, and support for the team to unlock the full potential of each individual. One of Ms Lim Siang Yong’s key principles is a commitment to simplicity. Believing in the power of clarity and efficiency, she aims to streamline processes by eliminating unnecessary tasks, allowing the team to focus on essential goals and what truly matters. Furthermore, her vision for the Singapore office is growth, going from a start-up to a scale-up, within the next years.

A strategic milestone for Eye-share

Eye-share is confident that Ms Lim Siang Yong’s extensive industry knowledge, and leadership skills will play a pivotal role in the continued success of the Singapore office. Her appointment marks a significant milestone in Eye-share’s commitment to delivering excellence and innovative solutions, in the AP and P2P automation market.

We warmly welcome Ms Lim Siang Yong in her new position.