Eye-share at NDC Oslo 2022

Several of our developers were present at one of the highlights of the year for developers, namely the NDC Conferences!

At Eye-share, we have a continuous focus on learning, competence and growth. While at the same time we work purposefully to be an “Awesome place to work”.

By participating in various professional conferences both at home and abroad, we acquire new knowledge, and this often sparks new inspiration for learning and development. Not least, it is social, so that we get a closer relationship with our colleagues. We are therefore happy that we have the opportunity to go to such events together.

Attending NDC Conferences will soon become a tradition for us. This year, as last year, several of our software developers went to what is seen as one of the highlights of the year for developers.

NDC was originally a conference for .NET and Agile open space development, while today it is about all technologies that may be in interest to people in this industry.

With 7-9 parallell tracks, workshops before and during the conference, food service all day and live music, we understand why NDC is often called “a festival for developers”!

The spread in themes was great, and therefore we could easily find something for everyone. There was a wide range of technical lectures in areas such as software design, cloud, architecture and testing. In addition, topics within work methodology, diversity and mental health were highlighted. At NDC they celebrate not only development, but also the developer himself – alone and as part of a team.

The group that participated in this years NDC Oslo are very satisfied with their participation and the event itself. They are left with new impulses and new knowledge to be implemented in their everyday work life. Now, we cannot wait to send another group of developers to next year`s NDC London!

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