Product news eye-share Workflow v.13.3

Summer’s here, and so is Version 13.3. Get ready to elevate your experience with our latest eye-share Workflow update.

Unlocking productivity: Automate to Elevate

We’ve unleashed the power of automation, bringing you a summer edition like no other. Say goodbye to manual hassles and hello to streamlined efficiency! Here are some of the latest additions to eye-share Workflow:

Activate with Ease

Our automated purchase document activation takes the heat off your workload with sending purchases to the suppliers. Sit back, relax, and let our system handle it automatically.

Crack the Code

There is no need to code purchase documents manually. Our automatic coding feature magically fix it for you using artificial intelligence. Effortless purchase processing at your fingertips!

Invoice Checkmate

We are introducing the review feature for automatically approved invoices. It’s a game-changer that opens doors for customers seeking streamlined approvals. Even when invoices are automatically approved, the review option lets you double-check without interrupting the flow.

Matchmaking made Easy

We’ve enhanced the purchase invoice settings, allowing for more options around the automatic matching of purchase invoices. Say goodbye to tedious manual matching, and let our system work its matchmaking magic.

Check out the Release notes in ServiceNow for a more detailed overview of the latest updates in eye-share Workflow v.13.3.