Growth and progress for Eye-share once again!

The technology company Eye-share, which develops software that supports the financial role in the Purchase- to- Pay (P2P) process, can once again show solid economic growth and progress.

Press release | 23.01.2023

The figures show that turnover rose from NOK 151 million in 2021 to a whopping NOK 173.8 million in 2022, which is a growth of 15%. This means that Eye-share has doubled its turnover over the past 5 years. The result seems to end at well over 20%, says a very satisfied CEO of Eye-share, Torhill Falnes.

Kudos to our employees

Part of last year’s strategy was to invest in the future through the establishment of branch offices both in Oslo and Singapore. We have succeeded very well, and I am incredibly satisfied that we are also able to deliver a growth of 15% this year as well, says Falnes. She adds: I can promise that these results don’t come by themselves. There is only one answer to this; Our employees are the best in class. They can and they want to, and they deliver every single day. I am so proud.

The result is an important recognition of all our skilled and committed colleagues, who work hard and purposefully to fulfil our business idea of simplifying the customers’ everyday life. Eye-share now has 110 employees. Kudos to all of them.

Trusting customers

The trust our customers place in us shows that our solutions provide value. It is easy to calculate the savings from investing in a P2P solution that provides full cost control and increased efficiency through automation, says Falnes. She adds that the main product, eye-share Workflow, is a feature-rich and flexible solution, that is particularly suitable for larger businesses and corporate groups. These days we are going live with the solution for NAV throughout Norway. This is incredibly exciting, says Falnes, who can also share that the companies Festi in Iceland and Sapura Secured Technologies in Kuala Lumpur have signed a contract. It shows that we are on track internationally as well, and that we are succeeding with our ambitions.

New year – new opportunities

In 2023, we want to make it even easier for our customers to manage and understand the continuous improvements that is possible to achieve through the use of our solutions. In this year’s strategy we will focus on customer dialogue, strategic dialogue, analysis and counseling.

Trends and technology are an important part of our everyday life. In order to develop the products of the future, we must be innovative. Eye-share follows market development and technological opportunities closely. Our innovative drivers are customer focus, technology focus and business needs. We believe that the best solutions lie in the center of these three.

Everything we do builds on how we can streamline purchasing and approval processes for our customers. The key word for us in 2023 is self-service. Both in product, support and management. We will continue to develop new functionality and smart solutions for the entire Purchase-to-Pay process. This involves focus on artificial intelligence and “the best user experience”. Security and solutions for internal control and auditing have never been more required.

2023 will be a very exciting year for our company and our product portfolio!

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