What is a mobile client and what benefits can it provide you?

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In a time where more and more employees are using mobile and remote work as a part of their daily work routine, access to efficient invoice approval on the go has become increasingly important to maintain productivity, even outside the office.

In this blog article, we look at what a mobile client is, what benefits it can provide for your business, and important factors to consider when choosing such a solution.

A mobile client is a software application that allows users to access and manage data from their mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. With a mobile client, users can, for example, view, edit, and approve invoices, record expenses, and travel on the go.

Benefits of using a Mobile Client

Using a mobile client provides both the company and its employees with a range of benefits, including faster approval workflows, simplification of internal processes, increased efficiency, and simply happier employees who have access to technology that allows them to stay productive, even outside the office.

Improved accuracy

With real-time access to your accounting data via mobile, you can reduce the risk of errors and improve accuracy.

Improved visibility

With a mobile client, you can track the status of invoices and expenses in real-time, providing improved visibility and control over the company’s invoicing process.

Increased flexibility

With a mobile client, you can easily manage invoices and expense processes from anywhere, anytime, providing increased flexibility and the ability to be productive on the go.

How to choose a Mobile Client?

  • Compatibility with existing systems
    It is important that the mobile client is compatible with your existing invoice workflow and accounting system.
  • User Experience
    User experience is crucial when it comes to mobile applications. It is important that it is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface.
  • Security
    Accounting data is sensitive data that should be protected against unauthorized access. It is important that the mobile client offers robust security features.
  • Functionality
    Consider the functionality you need, such as search, invoice viewing, approval process, and the registration of travel and expenses.

We hope you gained some insights.

When using eye-share Workflow in the cloud, which is an AP Automation Software, you automatically get access to the mobile client, which contains all the features and benefits described in the blog post above. If you want to learn more, visit our product page.

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