Eye-share collaborates with Neetly for new dashboard design and enhanced user experience

Kai (R&D director) and Eva (Product manager) standing in front of a big screen showing the new eye-share Workflow dashboard

One of the reasons for our success with eye-share Workflow is our serious commitment to user experience. That’s why we also collaborate with the best in the field, says Kai Mydland, R&D Director at Eye-share.

Over the years, our customers have consistently highlighted the intuitive user interface of eye-share Workflow as one of the key purchasing factors. To continue our success, it’s crucial to understand the user’s needs and behavior patterns, and not least, to facilitate universal design. This ensures that our products simplify the workday for our target audience and are as intuitive as possible.

This fall, we initiated a project with Neetly, who are experts in user experience – the User Experience (UX). The goal was to enhance the dashboard in our main product, eye-share Workflow.

As part of this process, Neetly involved actual users from the Eye-share customer council. This council consists of engaged and thoughtful customers who wish to contribute to improvement and innovation, not only for themselves but also for the 90.000 other users who utilize our solution daily to streamline their finance and accounting tasks.

“The new design is now in place, and we are extremely pleased,” says Mydland, adding “We look forward to launching this in the next version of eye-share Workflow in February 2024. Meanwhile, Eye-share continues its fruitful collaboration with Neetly to tackle more exciting design challenges in the future.