Eye-share is continuing its steady growth! 

Eye-share is doing very well at the moment. A committed management team is satisfied with the financial development of the company, which has also established branch offices in Oslo (2021) and Singapore (2022).

Press release | August 30th 2022 

We are pleased to report that Eye-share is currently doing very well, with a steady growth and profit progress in H1- 2022. We are continuing our positive development with good growth in turnover. I am proud of the results everyone in Eye-share is contributing to create, says Torhill Falnes, CEO at Eye-share.  

Eye-share delivers a turnover in H1-2022 of 84,6 million NOK compared to 74,6 million NOK in 2021. We are very satisfied, and expect the growth to continue throughout the year, says Falnes. After doubling the turnover in the past four years, we are well positioned to become a Gazelle in 2022, for the second time in history. As one of the companies in Norway that is growing the most, it is okay to be a little impressed with ourselves, isn’t it? Falnes says with a twinkle in her eye. 

In the first half of 2022, we see that there are still great opportunities in the home market of Norway. But in order to achieve further growth, Asia and the whole market of Scandinavia will be important to us, Falnes says.  

Building trust and success in the market with AI- technology 

We are proud that so many businesses trust us to automate their important accounting processes, from Purchase-to-Pay, with hyper current AI technology. With the eye-share software suite, we help our customers to achieve values that have a direct impact on their bottom line. The eye-share product portfolio provides increased cost control, data-driven insights, and better utilization of resources in the finance department. We are happy to have so many satisfied customers all over the world, says Falnes proudly.  

High activity and many exciting projects 

In H2, we have received several new costumer deals, and we are working on a lot of exciting projects with companies such as NAV, Recover Nordic, Kavli and Coop Midt-Norge. At the same time, we also see that there is somewhat higher activity among existing customers. Growth, acquisitions, and the desire for further streamlining of existing software solutions are important for these customers.  

There is no doubt that the trust our customers show us makes us go the extra mile to optimize the their everyday life, says Falnes.  

The Eye-share departments  


Our competent development team, which is based at the head office in Stavanger, works continuously to keep us at the forefront in terms of usability, functionality, integrations, security, and the innovation of new solutions to build even more value to their investment in our products.  

One of our most important focus areas is explainable artificial intelligence (XAI), which is all about providing decision support to our target group. It is a user-centric process that will give our customers good answers, but at the same time explain why the answers were the way they were. This is an important area to develop further for the benefit of our customers, who are both concerned with control, correct processing and automation. 


Our new Oslo department is well underway in assisting with deliveries to our customers in the east of Norway. It is gratifying to see that we have managed to establish a good team with 14 talented people under the leadership of Dina Drehn, Falnes says.  


Our development resources in Ukraine are stable, despite the ongoing war. We praise the work ethic and sense of responsibility they all have shown under very challenging work conditions.  


Eye-share in Singapore is in the start-up phase, and we have recently hired Tim Polson as department manager for our Asia Headquarter, says Falnes and adds that there are also several new employees on their way in, during September.  

Sales director Kenneth Sætre, who has several years of experience in sales and consulting to international customers in Asia, is now working closely with the new department manager to transfer expertise from Norway to Asia, to achieve a smooth start-up and onboarding of new employees. The opening of our Singapore branch office is an important investment to serve existing customers, harvest expertise and find new opportunities in an exciting market, says Torhill, enthusiastically. 

An attractive workplace 

Eye-share has now 105 employees and is constantly looking for new talent. Access to expertise is currently demanding, but essential for our growth strategy. We need both experienced technologists, recent graduates in IT and economics, and more tech women for all our locations, Falnes concludes.  

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