Fatland won Customer Awards 2022

Woman smiling with a prize and a boquet

Fatland won this year’s Eye-share Customer Awards and could adorn themselves with the title “Digital Champion 2022”

The prize was awarded during the eye-share User Conference in Stavanger on November 24th. We congratulate the winner, represented by Agne Ulfsnes, Group Accountant in Fatland.

Annual award ceremony

Every year, Eye-share singles out four customers who have taken the lead in the technological landscape with a focus on automating their internal processes from Purchase-to-Pay. These are customers who, through clear leadership and focus on digitalisation, have achieved significant results that have had an effect on their own business, and who inspire and show the way for other customers.

The nominees

There was a strong series of nominations this year with stiff competition from both Miraclon, Petoro and NorgesGruppen, where the latter was nominated for the second year in a row. NorgesGruppen won the award last year, but Fatland drew the longest straw this year. We want to congratulate this year’s nominees, all of whom are outstanding businesses in their own way.

Wow! I am very proud and grateful to receive the award on behalf of Fatland. By using eye-share throughout the group, we get good control in the accounting department, across the units, says Agne Ulfsnes, Group Accountant in Fatland.

Fatland = Digital Champion 2022

Fatland, which is a slaughterhouse and meat distribution group, uses eye-share Workflow with associated modules for incoming invoices, purchasing matches, general ledger, travel invoices, custom declarations and contracts. The solution is integrated with the ERP system Visma Global.

Fatland also uses eye-share Capture, as well as the access point service from Tietoevry.

The group has had the eye-share solutions in use since 2016, and has been aware from the very beginning that they want to be future oriented and use as much functionality in the products as possible. Both to make it easier for all users to work in one and the same system, but also to get the maximum benefit from the solution for their business.

Fatland has worked closely with Eye-share to optimize workflow and processes for both cost and purchase invoices, and has reduced time spent on cost control and significantly improved the approval process. Fatland has 670 invoice agreements in the entire group, that they use for both internal and external suppliers, and they have handled 1222 customs declarations through the system since the start of that module in 2021.

The way forward

Fatland will now start using the module for purchasing in eye-share Workflow, and thus bring in product catalogs and use punch-out links to its suppliers. The goal is for all employees to handle “non-strategic” purchases themselves, while purchases related to production will still be made via AX2012. This is yet another exciting step towards further automation and efficiency for the group. Just as important as the savings in invoice processing, is the increased control and possibility for easy follow-up, insight, analysis, and security.