How to succeed in optimizing your eye-share solution? Get 5 tips from Advisor Liv! 

Smiling Eye-share employee (Liv Gilje-Sørnes) sitting in front of a computer

Liv Gilje-Sørnes is an experienced advisor at Eye-share with considerable customer insight, which means that she knows a lot about what is needed to make better use of your eye-share solution.

– Many customers forget that a very central part of the AP work is to measure and monitor various parameters in the eye-share solution through the collection of data over time. When we help you analyze this data, we can find answers to how you can create more value, Liv says. 

An advisor in Eye-share can bring valuable expertise, experience, and insights to help you optimize your AP solution and drive better business outcomes. 

Here are 5 tips from Liv on how you can succeed in optimizing your solution:  

1. Review your current AP process

It is important to review your existing AP process continuously to identify areas of inefficiency or potential for improvement.

2. Analyze your data 

Analyze your AP data to identify patterns, trends and potential areas for cost savings.

3. Implement best practices 

By implementing best practices for managing AP, such as establishing standardized processes, streamlining communication channels and enforcing compliance.

4. Provide training 

Provide training for your team on how to use the recommended software and best practices, ensuring that your team is fully equipped to optimize your AP solution.

5. Monitor and evaluate

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the optimized AP solution over time, making adjustments as needed to ensure continued success.  

Why not maximize value with an eye-share Advisor Workshop?  

Our eye-share Advisor Workshop offers a mix of services that you can choose from to constantly unlock new value and insights to improve your business performance.

We are happy to help you improve your AP invoicing process through:

  • Insight into key figures so you can work smarter
  • Improved performance
  • Additional automation
  • Training and certifications

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