OSM Thome collaborates with Eye-share on new ERP Transition project

Showing the team members from OSM Thome and Eye-share working together at Eye-share’s headquarter in Stavanger.

Great days at Eye-share as we welcome our esteemed customer, OSM Thome, a global leader in Ship Management, to our headquarters in Stavanger.

It’s fantastic to have the team represented by Arne Sørensen from the Norwegian office in Arendal, together with Lambros Mavrides and Alexandros Anastasiades from the office in Cyprus, visiting us here at Eye-share, as we collaborate on some of OSM Thome’s important growth projects slated for 2024 and 2025.

One of the major projects on the horizon is OSM Thome’s transition to MS D365 F&O, replacing their ERP system. In response, Eye-share is eagerly gearing up to adapt our integration, ensuring seamless alignment with this change.

eye-share Workflow, our flagship AP automation software, currently handles over 500,000 invoices annually, involving approximately 6000 users at OSM Thome.

Recognizing the crucial role our software plays in their business operations, careful planning is essential to guarantee optimal solutions.

Exciting to visit Eye-share’s office to discuss our significant move to MS D365 F&O. Our collaboration with Eye-share is seamless, and we’re delighted to work closely with them on this transformative journey. Together, we’re shaping a future of efficiency and innovation

Alexandros Anastasiades, OSM Thome

Building stronger relationships with our customers not only enhances collaboration but also provides invaluable insights into their profit models. The presence of OSM Thome’s visit strengthens our partnership, reflecting our mutual commitment to success, also shown by our outstanding team members; Ørjan Olsen, Håkon Blix Nordli, and Mats Svendsen at Eye-share.

OSM Thome stands as a global leader in Ship Technical Management, Crew Management, and related Marine Services, boasting an impressive workforce of 31,000 employees, 1000 vessels, and operations spanning 20 countries with 70 nationalities. A truly remarkable enterprise that we are very proud to have as a customer of Eye-share.

Thanks for your visit! Let’s continue working together towards innovation and
growth in Accounts Payables.