2023 – A Year to Be Proud Of!

CEO Torhill Falnes celebrating 200MNOK with cake, sodas and confetti.

2023 was a year of remarkable growth and achievement for Eye-share, both domestically and internationally. Surpassing our expectations, we acquired as many international clients as Norwegian clients, marking a milestone that arrived quicker than we dared to dream.

17,3% growth

With a revenue growth exceeding 17% in 2023, we couldn’t be more thrilled. Our ambitious goal was to reach 186 MNOK, and not only did we achieve it, but we surpassed it with flying colors, reaching 203,8 MNOK,” exclaimed CEO Torhill Falnes with sparkling enthusiasm. She quickly added that this achievement demonstrates our ability to develop products that resonate with both the Norwegian and international markets, showcasing our competitiveness in a challenging landscape. Doubling our revenue within five years since surpassing the 100 MNOK mark in 2019 is a testament to our dedication and prowess, of which we are immensely proud, says Falnes enthusiastically. 

AI First!

Reflecting on 2023, what filled me with the most pride is our significant strides in product development. Technological shifts occur rapidly, and from AI being merely part of the solution, it has now become the cornerstone of our automated processes. Eye-share stands at the forefront of this evolution, which is precisely why customers choose us,” asserted Falnes.

“Our new concept “EyeDa” represents the core of our innovative approach to artificial intelligence, encapsulating our entire application to provide a seamless user experience. As our new digital assistant, EyeDa is not just another chatbot, but a system capable of managing automated workflows, accounting for invoices, and handling procurement documents with ease. EyeDa is set to be the foundation and future of AI in our products, and we are committed to further investing in this platform to enhance our capabilities and services.” 

User Experience

Everything must be intuitive, but it’s not enough to be aesthetically pleasing; it must be cool. To truly captivate our younger users, user experience and interface design are incredibly important. Hence, throughout the year, we’ve conducted numerous user tests and surveys to uncover patterns and opportunities, yielding results evident in the release scheduled for February 2024,” stated Torhill Falnes proudly. 

CEO Torhill Falnes smiling in front of screen showing "Strategy and business plan 2024"presentation.

Eye-share is Future-ready!

Throughout the year, we’ve rigorously tested our solutions across various geographies and industries, ensuring they’re primed for the challenges ahead.

Investing in Sustainable Growth in 2024

We’re poised for growth based on new markets and opportunities. We’re significantly ramping up our sales and marketing efforts, a move long overdue. Previously, our sales were largely reliant on word-of-mouth referrals or existing partnerships.  Now, we’re casting a much wider net across all industries we’re familiar with and neighboring geographic regions where the impact of Eye-share is substantial. 

Our customers can rest assured that we’ll continue to increase investments in product development while bolstering our focus on marketing, insights, and sales. I’m excited about the journey ahead, and 2024 promises to be another hectic, enlightening, and exhilarating year. 

Passion is one of our core values, and indeed, it’s our passion for delivering the most efficient solutions using the most purposeful technology to our customers that drives us. We can assure our customers and competitors alike that we won’t rest on our laurels.  

Our Customers Lead the Way

Customer-driven development is our mantra, continuously enhancing processes and functionality in our product. Naturally, reporting, data-driven decisions, benchmarking, and sustainability with tracking and reporting are paramount. 

Together with our customers, we ensure the capture, reporting, and analysis of sustainability information regarding suppliers, both at the point of ordering and upon receiving invoices. In this manner, we assist our customers in fulfilling their goals and managing their purchases more effectively. 

Our Success: It’s all About Our People

To thrive in our journey of product development and expansion, fostering diversity, innovation, and nurturing workplace satisfaction are paramount. Our success hinges on the collective strength of our team, making investment in our employees our top priority across all our offices. 

Our investment in our people is an investment in our future, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation and continue to deliver exceptional value to our customers and stakeholders. 

Thanks for an Amazing Year and Welcome 2024!

With 2023 behind us, we now see 2024 as the next mountain to conquer, and I, for one, have already laced up my running shoes,” quipped Torhill Falnes with a smile. 

All employees from at Eye-share Norway together at Kick off 2024