Say Hello to the future with Artificial Intelligence

AI is changing the way we work and the technology is seen everywhere. The eye-share software is built on XAI and is about people being able to understand why the result of an operation performed with artificial intelligence is as it is.

Kai Mydland  |  03.01.2022

Artificial intelligence in financial management software
Within software for financial management and control, human characteristics are introduced into processes that have previously been manual and under the control of people with cutting-edge expertise. Artificial intelligence ensures that data and processes are handled automatically and that they are handled correctly.

Does artificial intelligence mean that everything goes smoothly? That people become redundant?
No by no means. There are different levels of artificial intelligence, and it is a point to know that technology is still at an early stage in its spread and utilization. At the same time, it is important to understand the advantages and not least the competitive advantage such technology can provide.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is also an important trend. It is not unnatural for different players to outbid each other in the market in relation to who has come the furthest in relation to the utilization of the technology.

Innovation and new technology are part of the backbone of Eye-share
The company has had automation of the financial role as its specialty and main strength for many years. Even without the use of artificial intelligence, Eye-share customers have achieved 90% automated invoice flow! By taking advantage of new opportunities in the software can now be even more automated, in an easier way!

Not all parts of a solution can use artificial intelligence. It can be related to the amount of data required to make a decision, or the machine power needed to be able to find the right answer quickly enough. One problem with the deepest technology in artificial intelligence is that it wants to give you an answer, but can not tell you why. You do not always get the answer you think you want!

It’s not about using artificial intelligence just to use artificial intelligence!

At Eye-share, we know that our users and customers are concerned with control, and therefore it is important for us to use the right technology for the various challenges and processes that can be automated. The customer must achieve the automation they want, at the same time as the solution takes care of the important part in relation to trust, insight, control and not least influence.

eye-share is built on XAI
XAI is a separate field and means “Explainable Artificial Intelligence”, and is about people being able to understand why the result of an operation performed with artificial intelligence is as it is. In eye-share Workflow, we have chosen to use this strategy, where artificial intelligence and user interface together solve problems in an intuitive way for the user. Not only is the invoice automatically posted, but we can also tell why!

Our solution is getting smarter
In our solution, we continuously learn and build up knowledge based on historical data, user and supplier information. It is also up to the customer itself to decide to what extent they want artificial intelligence to influence the solution. In addition, the intelligent solution will not override any manual rules that you have set up at an earlier time, but will supplement and get involved as you turn them off. It is also the case that together with the customer we can simulate the possible effect and gain before actively using this part of the solution.

At Eye-share, we have great understanding and respect for customers’ way of working. At the same time, our role is to be a positive contributor in relation to efficiency and innovation. We will continue to be leaning forward on new technology to offer both existing and new customers the best, most efficient and safest solutions on the market – and in such a way that our customers can spend more time on core business and achieve better results with Eye -share on the team.

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