Security through the Nordic’s largest message center!

Through Eye-share, you can get access to one of the largest access points and message centers in the Nordic region via Tietoevry. Together we ensure that your business gets the benefits of digitizing business information between your customers and suppliers.

Key functionality

With a Peppol access point, you can send invoices, product catalogues, orders, delivery notes and bank messages to your business partners across Europe. eInvoices are sent as electronic messages via the access point, which ensures that your messages follow the eInvoice standard and that they reach the correct recipient. Simple, safe and cost-effective.

Four puzzle pieces connected together

eye-share is integrated

The eye-share portfolio is integrated, and sends and receives documents (mostly invoices) via the Peppol access point.

A point of contact

It is easy to connect new partners and manage messages between different solutions. The service acts as a point of contact between you, your customers and suppliers.

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Receipts on documents

You receive a receipt for all invoices. You can feel completely confident that no invoices will be “lost” on the way.

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Maintains the eInvoice standard

The access point checks all messages against the standard and notifies you of any errors.

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Safe handeling

The access point is Peppol approved and messages are processed quickly, easily and securely according to Difi’s “best practice”.

Relevant terms

What is Peppol?

Peppol stands for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line and is a European network for electronic procurement that makes e-commerce and e-procurement easier. To become part of the PEPPOL network, your business must connect to an access point. PEPPOL functions as an electronic post office that sends and receives e-invoices, trade and bank messages on your behalf.

What is EHF?

EHF (Electronic Trading Format) is a common European digital invoice format. All government organizations require invoices in EHF format.

EHF enables standardized, electronic communication between businesses, without direct integrations between computer systems.

To be able to exchange documents in EHF format, you need a Peppol access point, which will transport documents in a safe and standardized way for you. You can send both  EHF invoices and other documents via Peppol.

What is Peppol BIS?

Peppol has developed Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) for common e-procurement processes.

This is to standardize electronic documents that are exchanged between buyers in the public sector and their suppliers across Europe and beyond.