Key Features

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Automated validation

Automatically checks each invoice against a set of predefined rules for completeness and accuracy.

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Real-time alerts

Proactively notifies suppliers about any discrepancies or missing information in their invoices, allowing for immediate correction and resubmission.

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Seamless supplier integration

Allows suppliers to easily correct and resubmit invoices directly through the portal, fostering a collaborative and efficient correction process.

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Comprehensive data insights

Offers detailed insights into invoice submissions through Import Control statistics, enabling businesses to monitor and enhance their invoicing process continuously.

Key Benefits

Import Control serves as a gateway for ensuring the integrity and compliance of all invoices submitted through the eye-share Portal. Here’s a snapshot of Import Control’s key benefits:

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Improved data accuracy

By enforcing strict validation rules, Import Control significantly reduces the risk of errors, ensuring that the data entering your system is precise and reliable.

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Enhanced efficiency

Streamlines the invoice management process by reducing the need for manual intervention and rework, leading to faster processing times and increased productivity.

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Cost reduction

Minimizes the administrative and operational costs associated with handling and correcting invoice errors, contributing to overall cost savings.

Stronger supplier compliance

Educates and guides suppliers on your invoicing requirements, leading to higher compliance rates and fewer errors over time.

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Strategic insights

The module’s analytics provide valuable feedback on common errors and supplier performance, enabling strategic improvements in the invoicing process.