Wow! What a year!


– What a year it has been. The wow factor has certainly been present on several occasions in 2021. I am proud and motivated to continue to work with the talented group of employees in Eye-share, says CEO Falnes satisfied.

– Looking back on this year, I see green growth curves at all levels, both in the number of customers, employees, turnover, and profit. Although this year has also been characterized by home-office, we have fortunately had some pandemic-free “hatches” where we have been able to close some of the social gaps and meet physically to celebrate both ourselves and our customers. It has been fantastic, says Falnes, who has led Eye-share through 16 of the 20 years the company has existed.


Intelligent Purchase-to-Pay automation software

– We have taken a big step in product development and adjusted our overall market message. We now deliver complete solutions for automation of Purchase-to-Pay, where our intelligent software supports the entire process, says Falnes eagerly. This means that our customers now can handle purchases, agreements, invoices, and matching in the same solution. Fully automatic.

– In product development, we continuously focus on creating the wow factor that is needed to differentiate us from the competition. This means that we have a strong focus on both user experience and innovations through new and improved functionality, especially based on AI technology, says Falnes.

– One of the biggest news we launched in 2021 was, among other things was automatic coding in eye-share Workflow, this makes it possible to automatically process and approve invoices, completely non-contact. This is not only cool, but also very time-saving, to the great delight of the customers. We like to call it; automagic, says Falnes satisfied.

Exciting collaboration with Innovation Norway and Garner Group
– Another highlight in 2021 has been the collaboration with both Innovation Norway and Gartner Group, which has both been to learn more about business development and look for new growth and market opportunities. Gartner Group scores us very highly on the potential for growth, especially internationally. It’s great to get confirmation, says Falnes, who can also secretly reveal that Eye-share has some new exciting plans underway in this area in 2022.

An eventful year with many new customers and many marketing activities

– Many new and exciting customers have chosen us as a partner this year – and it is a pleasure and welcome them all. To mention a few; MissionPharma in Denmark, MOL ship Management in Singapore, De Poli Tankers in the Netherlands, Tamar in Hong Kong and not least Norwegian companies such as Norled, Northern Lights and Byggmax. This shows that we have a good position, both locally and internationally. Just before the year was over, we also received the Christmas present of all time with a contract signing from both XXL and NAV. This is proof that we have a high “ranking” in the market. We are on the right track with product development and we are able to deliver good solutions for medium-sized and large customers, says Falnes enthusiastically.

eye-share User Conference
– It was also a pleasure to conduct the eye-share User Forum again, with over 200 participants present at Gardemoen, in mid-November. The timing was perfect considering the COVID-situation, and everyone could gather for learning, sharing, inspiration and dialogue. We had so much fun and got so much energy from being together customers and partners again, and not least many good ideas for further improvements in product development. Wonderful replenishment in a digital everyday life, says Falnes with a smile.

eye-share Customer Award
– For the very first time, we also had the pleasure of handing out the customer award “Digital Champion 2021” which went to NorgesGruppen for their steady leadership and role as a pioneer in automation. Our customers really appreciate learning from each other, and several have said that they go “all in” to take the award next year, says Falnes and laughs. This is a clear sign that the price is high, that our customers have an informal and good tone with a twinkle in the eye, and a strong competitive instinct. It will be exciting to see who runs away with the award next year, says Falnes.

– We are constantly working to be an attractive employer who cares about and supports our employees, gives them opportunities, at the same time as we challenge them to grow with us as a company, says Falnes. It has been a challenging year for the entire IT industry, both in terms of getting enough people, keeping employees in an extreme market and having to onboard new ones in a “home office” situation, Falnes points out. Sometimes we lose some stars, then it is good to know that new ones are constantly being added, says Falnes, who has recruited over 20 new talents to the company in 2021. With us, there is great focus on a good onboarding process with dedicated sponsors, good training, competence building on the products and certification tests. in addition to inclusion in the social environment.

Many social highlights despite the pandemic
Throughout the year, we have carried out a number of social activities, despite large periods in the home office. We can look back on a fantastically beautiful and gold-plated 20-year party for Eye-share in Bærheim Greenhouse, Olympics in the garage and family day in the office, says Falnes, who is very pleased that 2021 was a more physical year than 2020. I really have to praise the initiative from the employees, she says happy.

-Every Wednesday we have completed a digital quiz. Every Friday we have cos & info on Teams. Once a month we have had paychecks, if possible. The same applies to weekly running and football training. In addition, we have had a personal movement competition going on all year via Strava, which encourages everyone to get a little more out of the chair. There is a active group working in Eye-share, says Falnes, who is quite active herself.

– Now we look forward to coming back to the office again and using the free time zone for SAM activities such as darts, PlayStation and Shuffle board. The social life in the office is important, and I miss it very much, says Falnes

Diversity, inclusion, equality and sustainability

– As one of ten women in the TietoEVRY group, in 2021 I had the opportunity to participate in the leadership program of AFF 50/50 to set the direction for more women into leadership professions, says Falnes, who has also signed CEO Commitment under the auspices of MAK ODA -Woman in tech. Here she also wants to contribute together with other leaders to promote diversity, inclusion and gender equality. These are factors we are completely dependent on to succeed with innovation and growth, says Falnes, I see that we still have a long way to go to create equal opportunities for women as leaders, and not least more women into the tech environments . I will work actively for this, also in 2022.

– Sustainability has always been an important part of Eye-share’s business model from the very beginning, when it came to getting rid of paperwork, and instead digitizing internal processes. We believe in a green future. Doing business in a sustainable way is absolutely essential for growth, and will also be an important focus area for Eye-share in the future.

-I am motivated, inspired and ready to embark on 2022 and I look forward to meeting both customers, partners, employees and owners to create new opportunities together, Falnes concludes.

Happy new year!

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