Invaluable learnings for our software developers at NDC London 2024

Showing the Eye-share software developer team in front of the conference arena at NDC London 2024

Participating at the NDC Conference in London was a rewarding experience for the Eye-share’s developer team. Read more about the learnings and highlights from this years conference.

The NDC is a great conference for software developers with invaluable learnings and insights into future innovations in the tech industry.

What is NDC all about and how did it start?
Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) is a conference that aims to get the greatest minds and leaders in the field of software development as speakers, striving to make the best and most updated knowledge available to developers everywhere. Since the start-up in Oslo in 2008, the conference quickly became one of Europe`s largest for .NET & agile development, with top speakers from around the world.

Important conference for Eye-share’s developers
For Eye-share, a software company, ensuring our developers remain current and inspired is essential. Thus, we have instituted a tradition of sending approximately 10 -15 of our developers to this important conference each year. The conference gives us a unique opportunity to learn from experts, share knowledge, gain new insights into the latest innovations, and not least build a strong team feeling among our workers.

Key highlights and learnings:

Validation of strategic choices
Our participation in the conference validated that we’ve already made good technological choices in Eye-share and are on the right path as a software company.

Thorough problem-solving
The keynote reminded us of the importance of thoroughly understanding problems before attempting to solve them, and making sure that we consider the entire picture. Creating well thought through solutions is important is as important to ourselves as to our customers.

Focus on AI
A central topic of the conference was AI. We gained valuable insights into the latest developments, including a presentation on GitHub Copilot Enterprise, highlighting advancements in artificial intelligence and code generation. Going forward, we will focus on both making use of AI during development and implementing AI into our products.

Diverse topics
Beyond AI, the conference covered a wide range of topics including web development, security, design, software architecture, project implementation and much more.

Social engagement
In addition to the professional aspect, we also had a great time socially. We enjoyed spending evenings together, which allowed us to strengthen team spirit, bond with colleagues, and have fun together. Through this, we had the opportunity to exchange experiences and get to know each other better across departments. The social aspect of NDC London contributed to creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere within the travel group.

Sum up
NDC London was an inspiring and insightful conference where we received validation that we’re making good choices and are on the right path as a software company. At the same time, we gained valuable insights into thoroughly understanding the challenges we face, as well as insights into AI and new tools that can enhance our future work.

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