These were nominated for the customer award “Digital Champion 2023”

Festi, Helse Sør-Øst, Kristiania University College, and Kavli were all nominated for this year’s customer award “Digital Champion 2023”. Congratulations to all the nominees!

The four finalists share a common trait of demonstrating strong leadership with a focus on digitalization and automation the past year. Each company has embraced change and achieved impressive results using the eye-share platform.

Annual award ceremony

The eye-share customer award “Digital Champion” is presented annually, this time for the third consecutive year. The nominees for this year’s award were announced at the eye-share User Conference in Bergen, to great applause from the 230 participants.

We congratulate Helse Sør-Øst for winning the award. You can read more about the winner in this article. A special recognition also goes to all our other nominated customers, which you can read more about below.


Festi is an exciting corporate group from Iceland that provides support services in areas such as finance, operations, and business development to its operating companies; N1, Krónan, ELKO, and Bakkinn.

Festi, a relatively new customer, started using eye-share Workflow in March 2023 for expense invoices and disbursement. They have integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. The company has an innovative mindset with a high focus on automation and is already advanced in using functionalities. They use both line interpretation and auto coding with AI. The accounting department has also set up several coding templates to simplify the approval of incoming invoices to the company in the correct manner. Currently, Festi receives 80% of their invoices in Icelandic eInvoice format.

In May 2023, the N1 companies, which use AX as their ERP system, also started using eye-share Workflow. These companies sell electricity directly to households and businesses and have 95 outlets for electricity and fuel for cars, as well as 29 gas stations and car and tire workshops. Going forward, the company ELKO (Elkjøp in Iceland) will also start using eye-share Workflow integrated with Navision.

Kristiania University College

Kristiania University College is Norway’s largest independent comprehensive college, offering a wide range of education in Oslo, Bergen, and online. They have several years of experience using eye-share Workflow’s invoice module with NAV integration. They utilize functionalities such as mandate and access setup based on tags for more flexibility and better traceability, approval and coding templates, and invoice flow based on authorizations. They are now also transitioning to the use of auto coding.

Kristiania University College is both innovative and forward-leaning, continually working on improvements and optimization of their solution. They are currently implementing eye-share’s purchasing solution for “non-strategic purchases” to further optimize their procurement routines.


Kavli is a Norwegian conglomerate in the production and marketing of food products, with “Kavli” as the overarching brand name. As a major and important enterprise, both nationally and internationally, Kavli is committed to promoting the use of technology in both socially beneficial projects and within its own company.

Kavli chose eye-share Workflow in 2022, based on the product’s user experience and to achieve even better oversight and control in the incoming invoice process. Since then, the conglomerate has continuously worked on further development in terms of functionality, additional modules, and rollout to countries where they have companies. Kavli uses, among other things, PO match with line interpretation via eye-share Capture, as well as the additional modules Customs Declaration and General ledger integrated with M3.

Kavli works systematically and proactively to utilize the features available in our solution, and does not stop until everything works as it should. In an industry where margins are crucial, this is reflected in their thorough handling of incoming invoices and other documents, which also places high demand on the eye-share Workflow software. As a customer, Kavli continuously takes important steps towards greater efficiency and also helps Eye-share to be proactive in meeting their specific needs.

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