Helse-Sør-Øst won the Digital Champion 2023

This year, Helse-Sør-Øst, Norway’s largest health enterprise, won the Eye-share Customer Awards and received the “Digital Champion 2023” award. Congratulations!

The award was presented during the eye-share User Conference in Bergen on November 16th, 2023. Our heartfelt congratulations go to this years winner, here represented by Ann Kristin Landmark, Gudrun Overøye Hattrem, Maria Therese Lauritzen, Terje Nundal, and Linda Korsbøen. Terje Nundal is the Accounting Manager at Sykehuset Vestfold, and the other four work in administration at Sykehuspartner.

Award Ceremony for the Third Consecutive year

Every year, Eye-share highlights four customers who have led the way in the technological landscape, focusing on automating their internal processes from purchase-to-pay. These are customers who, through clear leadership and a focus on digitalization and automation, have achieved significant results using the eye-share software. Their success has added value to their own business and also serves as inspiration for other customers.

This year’s Nominees

As always, there was a strong lineup of exciting Eye-share customers. Among the nominees were Høyskolen i Kristiania, Festi, and Kavli, each outstanding in their own way. But it was Helse-Sør-Øst that came out on top this year. Congratulations to all the nominees! Read more about the nominees here.

Helse Sør-Øst named Digital Champion 2023

Congratulations to Helse-Sør-Øst! You are as good as gold🏆

Torhill Falnes, CEO, Eye-share and Ingebeth Himle, Advisor, Eye-share

Helse-Sør-Øst is the largest of four regional health enterprises in Norway. They consist of 11 different health companies and have close cooperation with private hospitals and institutions. Helse-Sør-Øst is owned by the state through the Ministry of Health and Care Services and provides specialist health services to 3.1 million people in Innlandet, Oslo, Vestfold, Telemark, Viken, and Agder. Their fundamental values are quality, safety, and respect.

The vision of Helse-Sør-Øst is; Good and equitable health services for all who need them, when they need them.

Digitalization, process improvement, and sustainable technological solutions are central tools for achieving a healthcare system equipped for the future. In the spring of 2022, HSØ started using eye-share Workflow to eliminate manual accounting tasks through smart automation. The goal was to achieve significant time and cost savings in the finance function.

With over 1 million incoming invoices and 6000 users, Helse-Sør-Øst has a team of 47 employees in the Regional ERP service managing the solution. In addition, there are numerous skilled accounting users in the enterprises.

Ever since eye-share was implemented in 2022, they have systematically worked on improvement projects, and this work now continues with monthly full-day meetings where all the companies participate. Sykehuspartner manages the solution in terms of changes. With many companies of different sizes and starting points, there is constant work on improving work processes. During 2023, HSØ increased the matching rate on purchase invoices and focused on manually processed invoices by looking at deviation limits. They are now implementing auto coding using AI.

Helse-Sør-Øst has shown exceptional leadership and dedication to being forward-thinking in the use in new technology. The award is a recognition and a result of their innovative mindset, unstoppable drive, and ability to look ahead. Helse-Sør-Øst has transformed challenging processes into efficient solutions, and is continually taking significant steps to achieve substantial business value!

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